About us

Eurometals has been designing and manufacturing Mini Mesh, Beads and Profiles for the plastering industry since 1981. We have years of experience  providing the most comprehensive range of Beads, Profiles, Brick Reinforcing, Lathing, Restraining Straps, Hangers, Galvobond, Wall Starters, Arch Formers, and more.

The extensive stock and fabrication facilities at Eurometals together with our experienced and enthusiastic staff ensure that we produce the most efficient cost-effective range of products for our valued customers.

Over 40 years in business

Eurometals has been designing and manufacturing galvanised plastering bead and metal profiles for over 40 years from our base in Saggart, Co Dublin, and we are the only Irish manufacturer of Mini Mesh on the market. 

A family-owned company, our experienced team not only provides a comprehensive range of construction products to our customers, but also a wealth of knowledge in the building materials we supply, and we are always available to give advice when required.


Quality guaranteed

By using the best raw materials in the production process and employing an in-house Quality Assurance team to check all products as they come off the production line, Eurometals ensures that only the highest quality products enter the market. All of the products that we manufacture and sell are also CE Certified.


Manufacturing and sourcing products for our customers' needs

If we do not currently supply the product you require, our sales team will be happy to source additional items, or our manufacturing team can design and produce various metal straps and profiles to meet your site-specific needs.


Mini Mesh bead

Nationwide delivery

Our base in Saggart, Co Dublin,  is located on the N7, and so is uniquely situated to offer next-day delivery for Dublin and the surrounding areas. Our Logistics team also endeavours to meet this same high standard for our customers across the island of Ireland, using our in-house delivery service or well-established national couriers.


...and we are an Irish company

Proudly 100% Irish-owned and in the heart of the plastering industry for over 40 years, Eurometals stands as a testament to excellence and innovation. Since our inception in 1981, we have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing a diverse range of beads and profiles tailored for the plastering industry.

Our Team

Michael Heavey


Michael Heavey, co-founder of Fitzpatrick & Heavey Homes, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to his role as Chairman of Eurometals, following its recent acquisition. With a successful career that began in 1980, Michael has demonstrated a keen investment acumen across a diverse range of sectors, including IT, distribution, manufacturing, real estate, and construction. His extensive experience is further underscored by his positions on the boards of various companies throughout Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain. Michael’s leadership at Eurometals is anticipated to drive the company towards new avenues of growth, leveraging his broad expertise to ensure continued success and innovation in the industry.

Ciarán Fitzpatrick

Managing Director

Ciarán Fitzpatrick, now Managing Director of Eurometals since its acquisition by Fitzpatrick & Heavey Homes in October 2023, has a rich background in the construction and property development sectors. A co-founder of Fitzpatrick & Heavey, he earned an engineering degree in 2006 and quickly became known for his industry connections and financial acumen. Ciarán’s leadership at Eurometals marks a new chapter, leveraging his expertise in property acquisition and investment to drive growth and innovation. His vision for Eurometals is focused on maintaining its market leadership while exploring new opportunities for expansion, underlining his commitment to the company’s future success.

Bernie Joy

General Manager

Bernie Joy has been an integral part of Eurometals Ireland since 1996, starting her journey as an Administrative Assistant and rising to the role of General Manager in 2010. With a keen focus on overseeing purchasing and negotiating with suppliers, Bernie adeptly manages the day-to-day operations of the company. She thrives on the daily challenges and the tangible results her work brings to Eurometals, a company known for its dynamic growth and success. Passionate about driving the business forward, Bernie is committed to fostering Eurometals’ development in the years to come.

Sharon Mulligan


Sharon Mulligan joined Eurometals in 2018 as an Administrative Assistant, bringing with her a wealth of experience in administration accumulated over six years. Her strong typing and data entry skills, help Sharon to excel in both independent and team settings, contributing significantly to the company’s operational efficiency. She plays a crucial role in managing the weekly payroll and liaising with the Revenue, showcasing her exceptional organisational abilities. Sharon’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills not only enhance her professional performance but also strengthen the collaborative spirit within Eurometals. Her dedication and skill set make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Declan O'Hara

Sales Representative

Declan O’Hara has been a pivotal member of the Eurometals team since February 2018, serving as our dedicated Sales Representative. Declan’s journey with us is marked by a genuine enjoyment and passion for his role, greatly enhanced by the familial camaraderie and support he receives from his colleagues. Spending the majority of his time on the road, Declan represents Eurometals across the country, relishing the opportunity to meet customers, understand their needs, and build lasting relationships. His role has been instrumental in maintaining Eurometals’ position as a market leader, especially as we embrace an exciting new chapter under the ownership of the Fitz Heavey group.