Brick Reinforcing Mesh

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A high quality expanded galvanised or stainless steel mesh for use primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement (brick reinforcing) in the construction of brick and block masonry. Coil Mesh is available in a variety of widths to suit most wall constructions and is supplied coiled for ease of handling. Additional applications include strengthening cornices, low walls and balconies over door and window openings.

Installation: The mesh is laid in strips between brick or block courses leaving apporximately 25mm clearance from the faces of the work. Where mesh joins are required, ensure an overlap of at least 75mm is provided. The reinforcement is then simply embedded in the mortar for the next course. In most instances, application every third course will be sufficient


Width: 65, 102, 175, 225 and 305.
Length: 20 metre coils.

Material: Galvanised Steel (IS EN 845-3)
Stainless Steel ()

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Brick Reinforcing Mesh 

Eurometals presents a superior solution for anti-cracking reinforcement in brick and block masonry – the Brick Reinforcing Mesh. Crafted from high-quality expanded galvanised or stainless steel, this mesh is designed to enhance the structural integrity of masonry constructions, mitigating the risk of cracks and ensuring lasting durability.

Versatile Applications: 

This mesh isn’t just limited to anti-cracking reinforcement; its versatility extends to various applications. Ideal for strengthening cornices, low walls, and balconies over door and window openings, this mesh proves to be a multifaceted solution in construction projects.

Seamless Handling: 

Eurometals understands the importance of ease in handling during construction. Our mesh is supplied coiled, facilitating a smooth and convenient handling process. This coiling feature enhances efficiency on the construction site, ensuring a seamless integration into the masonry work.

Precise Installation Guidelines:  

To maximize the effectiveness of the Brick Reinforcing Mesh, precise installation is crucial. The mesh is laid in strips between brick or block courses, maintaining a clearance of approximately 25mm from the faces of the work. For mesh joins, a minimum overlap of 75mm is recommended. The reinforcement is then embedded in the mortar for the next course. In most cases, application every third course is sufficient for optimal performance.

Variety in Widths and Lengths: 

Eurometals provides flexibility to suit diverse construction requirements with a variety of widths – 65, 102, 175, 225, and 305. The 20-meter coils accommodate different project scales, offering a tailored approach to brick reinforcing.

Premium Materials:  

Choose from materials that meet high industry standards. The Brick Reinforcing Mesh is available in galvanised steel (IS EN 845-3) or stainless steel options, ensuring resilience against corrosion and longevity in diverse environmental conditions.

Eurometals’ Brick Reinforcing Mesh stands as a testament to precision in construction. From versatile applications to seamless handling and a range of widths, this mesh is a reliable choice for anti-cracking reinforcement and structural enhancement in brick and block masonry.

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