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Brickforce is a prefabricated wire reinforcement for masonry to be embedded in the horizontal bed joints. Its unique shape combined with its material properties increases the tensile strength of the masonry.

Brickforce consists of two longitudinal wires which are welded to a continuous zig-zag cross wire to form a lattice truss configuration. The cross wire is welded to the sides of the longitudinal wires so that the overall thickness does not exceed the diameter of the longitudinal wires. The longitudinal wires are indented to improve the bond with the mortar.

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Brickforce has Superior Steel Construction:

Our Brickforce reinforcement is meticulously crafted from high tensile or austenitic stainless steel, adhering to rigorous industry standards. Whether high tensile in accordance with Annex ZA, BS EN 845-3:2003+A1:2008, as Bed Joint Reinforcement defined in 4.2.2 of the Standard, Eurometals‘ steel ensures a characteristic tensile strength of 500N/mM2, delivering exceptional durability for various construction applications.

Robust Weld Connections:

Experience unparalleled reliability with our product Brickforce, where the shear resistance of each weld connecting the cross wire to the longitudinal wires is at least 2.5kN. This robust connection ensures the longevity and stability of your construction projects.

Versatility in Dimensions:

Tailor your reinforcement to the specific needs of your project with Brickforce available in various widths, shapes, and finishes. Standard widths of 50mm and 150mm accommodate specific wall widths, providing versatility for diverse construction applications.

Shapes for Varied Applications:

Select from different shapes, including Brickforce RND (Round wire) suitable for masonry with nominal 10mm thick mortar joints, and Brickforce EFS (Flatwire, 1.5mm thick) designed for masonry with thin bed joints. Tailor your reinforcement to match the unique requirements of your construction project.

Optimal Finishes for Every Environment:

Customize your Brickforce reinforcement with optimal finishes for your project’s environment. Choose hot-dipped galvanized wire for dry environments, epoxy-coated wire for enhanced protection, or stainless steel wire for areas exposed to dampness or aggressive conditions.

Convenient Packaging for Easy Handling:

Our Brickforce is packaged for convenient handling. Brickforce RND and EFS come in lengths of 3.05m, bundled in units of 25, supported on battons. Stainless steel Brickforce is also available in lengths of 3.05m, packed in bundles of 25 units.

Trust in Eurometals’ Brickforce reinforcement to provide the strength, durability, and versatility your construction projects demand. Choose a reliable solution that meets the highest industry standards and elevates the structural integrity of your masonry projects.

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