Fence Post Anchor

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Designed to make the erection of fencing, gazebos, pergolas and other garden structures quick and easy, our range of fence post spikes offer strong anchorage for timber posts and are manufactured from welded heavy duty mild steel with dual coated corrosion protection for longer life and a longer lasting attractive finish.

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Our Fence Post Anchors are meticulously designed to simplify the installation of fencing, gazebos, pergolas, and other garden features. These post spikes are engineered for quick and easy erection, offering robust anchorage for timber posts while presenting a sleek and durable finish.

Dual Coated Corrosion Protection:

Eurometals‘ fence post anchors are manufactured from welded heavy-duty mild steel and undergo a meticulous dual-coating corrosion protection process. After being electro zinc plated, a moisture-resistant powder coating is applied, ensuring superior and durable rust protection. This not only enhances the lifespan of the anchors but also provides an attractive, long-lasting finish.

Benefits of Using Post Supports:

Experience the cost-effective advantage of using shorter posts with no need for concrete, saving both time and effort during installation. The dual-coated rust protection ensures a longer lifespan, safeguarding timber posts against water, fungal, and insect damage. This design not only enhances the structural integrity of your outdoor projects but also maintains their aesthetic appeal over time.


Suitable for various ground conditions, the fence post spikes are easy to install. Simply drive the spike into the ground using the driving tool, with the four-fin spike designed for effortless insertion and secure anchorage. Choose between the Twin Bolt or Easy-Grip design for a strong connection. The Easy-Grip securely holds the timber post in a tight wedge grip without the need for additional fixings, while the Twin Bolt arrangement allows easy removal of damaged or rotten posts.

For applications requiring a flush surface, the Flush-Fit Bolt Down Shoe is the ideal choice. This versatile option is suitable for mounting posts on existing walls, patios, decks, or any scenario where a flush fit is necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for secure installation, using the shoe as a template to mark drill hole positions and ensuring a reliable and sturdy connection with four suitable bolts.

Enhance the efficiency and durability of your outdoor structures with our Fence Post Anchors, providing a reliable foundation for your garden projects.

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