Plasterboard Edging Bead

Reinforces plasterboard edges with the perforated flange fixed flush to the board face prior to the final skim coat. Designed to create a clean edge.

Lengths: 3.0m.
Material: Galvanised Steel.

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Mini Mesh palstering corner bead from Eurometals Ltd.

Eurometals Ltd has been designing and manufacturing beads and profiles for the plastering industry since 1981. Many years of experience in providing the most comprehensive range of Beads, Profiles, Brick Reinforcing, Lathing, Restraining Straps, Hangers, Galvobond, Wall Starters, Arch Formers, etc.

The extensive stock and fabrication facilities at Eurometals together with an experienced and enthusiastic staff ensures that Eurometals Ltd produce the most efficient cost effective range of products for its customers.

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