Coated Angle Bead

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A Range of pre-galvanised steel beads synthetically powder coated to produce a more robust and suitable colour co-ordinated external render system bead.

All beads available in 3.0m lengths only.


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Discover the strength and aesthetic appeal of Eurometals‘ Coated Angle Bead, a versatile construction accessory meticulously crafted to enhance the durability and visual cohesion of your external render systems. This range of galvanised steel beads is synthetically powder-coated, presenting a more robust solution that not only reinforces corners but also contributes to a colour-coordinated and polished finish for your exteriors.

Key Features of our Coated Angle Beads:

Our Coated Angle Bead stands out as a testament to both strength and design finesse. Crafted from high-quality pre-galvanised steel, these beads are specially treated with synthetic powder coating. This innovative approach ensures a higher level of durability, making them ideal for external render systems where longevity and visual appeal are paramount.

Robust Construction:

The fusion of pre-galvanised steel and synthetic powder coating results in a bead that not only provides superior corner protection but also stands up to the elements. This robust construction guarantees that our Coated Angle Bead maintains its structural integrity over time, offering reliable support for corners and edges in various construction projects.

Colour Coordination:

We understand the importance of a cohesive and visually appealing exterior. Our coated angle beads are available in a range of colours to seamlessly integrate with your chosen render system. This colour coordination not only enhances the aesthetics of your project but also reflects our commitment to providing solutions that prioritise both form and function.

Optimal Length:

For your convenience, all our coated angle beads are available in 3.0m lengths. This standard length ensures versatility in application, allowing for easy handling and installation across a variety of construction scenarios.


These coated angle beads are designed to meet the demands of modern construction, suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are working on residential or commercial projects, the durability and colour coordination of our coated angle beads make them an ideal choice for achieving polished and long-lasting exterior finishes.

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