Dry Wall Stop Bead

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Designed for thin coat edge protection at openings and for providing abutments of plastered areas to other wall finishes.
Lengths: 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m.
Material: Galvanised Steel.
Plaster Depth: 3mm.

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Dry Wall Stop Bead: Seamless Finishes for Modern Interiors

The Dry Wall Stop Bead is a crucial element for achieving seamless finishes in modern interior construction. Designed for use in drywall applications, this specialised bead ensures clean transitions at corners and edges, contributing to the contemporary aesthetics and structural integrity of interior spaces.

Architectural Precision 

Our bead is meticulously crafted to bring architectural precision to drywall applications. Whether used in residential or commercial interiors, this bead adds a touch of sophistication to corners and edges. It creates clean lines and well-defined transitions, ensuring a polished and professional appearance in every space.

Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel

To cater to diverse construction environments, Eurometals offers the Dry Wall Stop Bead in a choice of materials. Select from galvanised steel for internal use and stainless steel for external applications. The material options underscore a commitment to durability, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting performance, ensuring the bead’s effectiveness in varying conditions.

Efficient Installation 

Efficiency is a key consideration in construction processes, and the Dry Wall Stop Bead aligns with this principle. Its design allows for efficient installation, seamlessly integrating into drywall construction workflows. This ease of installation contributes to the overall efficiency and timely completion of interior projects.

Versatility in Drywall Construction 

The Dry Wall Stop Bead is a versatile solution applicable to various drywall constructions. Whether incorporated into residential living spaces or commercial interiors, its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to diverse construction projects. From sleek corners to smooth transitions, these beads provide a tailored approach to achieving contemporary and refined drywall finishes.

Structural Support 

Beyond their aesthetic role, Dry Wall Stop Beads also contribute to the structural stability of drywall edges. By providing support and reinforcement, these beads help mitigate the risk of chips or damage, ensuring the longevity and resilience of interior designs over time.


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