Superhangers for Supporting Joists

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Eurometals’ Superhangers for Joists are precision-engineered from galvanised steel sheet, meeting BS2989:1982 standards. Choose the heavy galvanized finish or opt for stainless steel to BS1449:Part 2:1983 for corrosion resistance. Versatile for masonry with a minimum crushing strength of 2.8 Newtons/mm, they offer cost-effectiveness, easy handling, and neat storage.

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Superhangers for Supporting Joists – Elevating Construction Standards

Eurometals‘ Superhangers for Joists set a new standard in construction excellence. Manufactured from galvanised steel sheet to BS2989:1982, these hangers are available upon request to BS6 178:Part1:1982, offering unparalleled durability and reliability. Choose from the type G.600 heavy galvanised finish or opt for stainless steel sheet to BS1449:Part 2:1983 for a premium, corrosion-resistant solution.

Precision Manufacturing: No Welding or Riveted Joints

Superhangers stand out for their superior construction. Fully pressed from 2.5mm thick material, they boast no welding or riveted joints whatsoever. This meticulous manufacturing process ensures uniformity of strength, quality, and finish, guaranteeing a product that exceeds expectations in every aspect.

Versatility in Application: Masonry Compatibility

Designed for masonry applications, Superhangers exhibit a minimum crushing strength of 2.8 Newtons/mm and above. Their compatibility with masonry walls makes them a versatile choice for various construction projects. Beyond their robust performance, Superhangers are economical in cost, easy to handle, and neatly packed in boxes for convenient storage.

Standard Types Catering to Diverse Needs:

Type W – The ‘Build In’ Type: Equipped with a specially ribbed top flange, Type W is designed for seamless integration into the mortar joints of a masonry wall. This type ensures a secure and stable connection, providing structural support with precision.

Type H – Enhanced Hood Design: Similar to Type W, Type H incorporates an additional return flange to hood over a wall or structural member. This design enhances its versatility, offering added protection and support for specific construction scenarios.

Type FF – Face Fixing for Vertical Surfaces: Designed for fastening to a vertical surface through holes located in the back plate, Type FF is the face-fixing solution that ensures a secure attachment to vertical surfaces with ease.

Straddle Type (ST) – Double Support: The Straddle Type (ST) is a double version of Type W, specifically engineered to support joists on either side of a wall or structural member. This innovative design provides robust support for a range of construction configurations.

Eurometals’ Superhangers for Joists exemplify precision, durability, and versatility in construction. Elevate your building standards with a product that surpasses expectations in performance, ease of use, and adaptability to diverse construction needs.

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