Wind Restraint Straps
Lateral Restraint Straps

Wind Restraint Straps Wind Restraint Straps Wind Restraint Straps





For Lateral and Vertical Applications.

Manufactured from Galvanised Mild Steel to BS2989: 1982. – they are perforated with 6mm Dia holes at 25mm staggered pitch for simplicity for fixing in any required position.

Eurometals Wind Restraint Straps are designed to comply with the recommendations for Unreinforced Masonry Walls subjected to vertical and lateral forces (BS5628:Part 1: 1978) and the requirements for walls of buildings as covered by the Building Regulations Part A. 1985. Wind analysis for various geographical locations is determined by C.P.3:Chapter V:Part II:1972. In addition to the standard types illustrated numerous special straps are also available with bends and twists in required positions.

Wind Restraint Straps
Vertical Restraint Straps

Restraint Straps are also available in Stainless Steel, manufactured from BS1449, 304S15.

Available in 2.5/5mm